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Would you like to get involved?  The village of Nyeihanga, Uganda is about 5 driving hours from the capital, Kampala.  Would you consider helping us continue our work there by ‘adopting’ a project that needs funding? There are specific projects you can donate to:

  • Drill a well to provide clean water for drinking and cooking
  • Provide electricity to the LOLGM school for evening classes for adults
  • Extend electricity to the church allowing a nighttime community center
  • Fund a teacher’s salary, buy schoolbooks, supplies or sports equipment
  • Provide Bibles for the church     

Come join us in Nyeihanga and volunteer in this Ugandan village!  If you are venturing into Uganda, and want to see firsthand what we are doing, and where the work of LOLGM is taking place, send us an email.  Let us welcome you to another special place on God’s earth.


Explore joining us in partnering with Christian Missions around the world.  Would you like to help sponsor their safety and security?  We have teams of professionally trained law enforcement officers, former career military officers and others who donate their time to provide a safe and secure event for Christian leaders and their staff.  If you know of an event that needs our help, please contact us.

Assist us by sponsoring an intern in the discipleship program in Kampala.  Young Ugandans will be trained at a local university, and after 6 months, go out and share the gospel.  LOLGM is partnering with several different mission organizations to make this dream a reality.  Local Ugandans who have been involved with LOLGM have been encouraging our leadership in this endeavor. 

Beyond our ministry programs, we adopted a 6-month old orphan who was left in a trash bin in front of our offices. Pastor Aba, the leader of Mary’s Milk, believed this was God’s gift and adopted this precious child.  Baby Light, as Pastor Aba named her, is the first child in a long line of needy children who our ministry will support. Baby Light will come to symbolize our future orphan program.  Write us if you’d like to know more.

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Working for LOLGM has been a Godsend. To protect and serve those spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in the most austere and difficult environments is a blessing and an honor. We will continue to help anyone who serves in reaching the ends of the earth to prepare for the coming of our Savior. The people I work with and the work we do, has not only made me a better person, but it has made my walk with Christ so much closer…

"…let us walk in the light of the Lord." -Isaiah 2:5

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