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"…let us walk in the light of the Lord." -Isaiah 2:5


Light of the Lord Global Missions
1314 29th Street NW
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Providing Aid and Comfort to Christians and Others Being Persecuted, Threatened and Attacked

Middle East and Africa

Christians and others are being forced to flee for their lives from their homes in ISIL controlled territories.  The stories of persecution, terror and brutal murder are mounting everyday.

Through prayer and seeking God's will, He has placed upon the hearts of the leadership of LOLGM a burden to initiate an effort to provide aid and comfort to the fleeing persecuted Christians and minorities in the Middle East and Africa.  The initial focus is to help those refugees who have fled the plains of Nineveh to the protected areas held by the Kurds around Erbil.

An assessment is underway and a plan is being developed.  LOLGM will need support and resources, prayer and God's favorable hand.


Working for LOLGM has been a Godsend. To protect and serve those spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in the most austere and difficult environments is a blessing and an honor. We will continue to help anyone who serves in reaching the ends of the earth to prepare for the coming of our Savior. The people I work with and the work we do, has not only made me a better person, but it has made my walk with Christ so much closer…

OUr work

​LOLGM Education

Light of the Lord Global Missions initially focused its energy and resources in and around Kampala, Uganda (the capital), and in a small village about a 5 hour drive from Kampala.  This village, Nyeihanga, is more of a trading center with little community connection.  Its population, once bustling, has been ravaged by AIDS.  At one time, it was the epicenter for coffee production in Uganda.  Both coffee and banana farming give a boost to the local economy, but their impact is a mere glimmer of the past.  Today, sand mining drives most of the business interactions. 

The LOLGM investment is ‘building’ the community back in Nyeihanga, causing the hillside villagers to come back to town to seek education for their children, classes for adults, and church services for the family.
Functional Adult Literacy Classes

LOLGM has empowered women to be leaders in Nyeihanga by teaching literacy basics several times a week to any adults who are willing to participate.

A micro-finance partnership with Opportunity Uganda has been launched.  Twenty village members in Nyeihanga have completed business training and received their micro loans.  Other ministry members in Kampala are currently undergoing training.
Education and Development Center:  The Kathryn and Dwight Owen Education Center Nyeihanga (TKADOECN)

Overall, primary school education through the Center is conducted according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda.  The school, which began with Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in February of 2011, will continue to register other cost-shared pupils who might prefer this education environment but are not OVC.  To make sure that children are educated and have ‘skills’, the Center will ensure the economic survival of the children via different artisan trainers of their choice.  In addition to being given a basic education, the children will also learn handiwork talents such as carpentry, garage mechanics, tailoring, or beautician skills.  Approximately 65 children are enrolled in this school each year.

Adults are also being trained through the Center for individual economic empowerment.  Not only are people in the local community learning to read, they are being trained with skills that enable them to fight poverty, disease and improve hygiene in their households.

LOLGM Church Ministry 

Two Christian churches have been built by Light of the Lord Global Missions.  One church ministry has been established in the capital city of Kampala, Uganda, and another planted in the rural southwestern village of Nyeihanga.  Programs encompassed by both ministries include: multiple church services, musical programs with adult and children’s choirs, counseling services, Bible study, and Sunday school for children.

In countries where there is not much infrastructure, a church, for example, becomes a catalyst for community gatherings, meals, and other social activities.  These churches have become integral to the fabric of the local community, providing a place of hope, learning, and spiritual awareness.

Discipleship Training Schools

LOLGM is currently collaborating with several ministries to pilot a Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Kampala, Uganda where Africans will be trained as missionaries to go throughout Africa to serve the Great Commission by spreading the love of Christ to fellow Africans. The DTS will be modeled on Youth With A Mission’s (YWAM) training program. The three month course will be taught on a campus setting and the instructors will be brought in from around the world. The Ugandan pilot course will be launched in 2015 with 20 students.

When successful, this model will be replicated in other African countries. The next DTS will be located in Ethiopia. The goal is to train Africans to disciple and serve fellow Africans while spreading the light of the Lord across Africa.

If you are led to support training disciples for Christ and spreading the Great Commission, every dollar you donate for this program will go for scholarships, training materials or to bring in speakers.

Mary's Milk

Mary’s Milk stands as our first entrepreneurial program. Uganda is lacking a culture of milk consumption, as it is somewhat seen as a commodity. Processed milk can be found in supermarkets, yet it is too expensive for many Ugandan’s who often survive on one meal a day. It is critical that more Ugandans (especially mothers and children) have access to the health benefits that milk and other dairy products provide, for the nutrients in one liter of raw, unprocessed milk can sustain a human life for a day.

Our solution:   to provide raw milk deep in the villages that surround Kampala. Treated and handled correctly, raw milk serves as an equally nutritious substitute to the more expensive processed milk found in the large grocery stores available to the more urban population. As a raw milk retail store established in the heart of the villages, we are able to provide access to a less expensive, high quality dairy product to the local citizens surrounding Kampala.

Mary’s Milk is striving to improve and build new economies that interconnect an array of different communities. Not only is it providing a beneficial product to the market, but it’s also creating a web of new jobs and opportunities for local Ugandans. Moreover, the operation also indirectly supports the people and businesses interlinked throughout the supply chain – suppliers, farmers, wholesalers, etc.

Mary’s Milk is a self-sustaining business that supports Ugandans in their local community.  Once Mary’s Milk has established itself on the retail level, the long-term goal is to be a totally vertically integrated operation by owning farming, distribution, and retail rights.

Physical Security
Argentina, Burundi, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Tanzania, Uganda

Christians are reaching out around the globe in record numbers to non-Christians.  Mission work abounds from private homes to open public events.  The larger gatherings of faith-based events, a music concert, crusade or convention, are increasingly popular and a magnet for communities to explore who they are and what they believe spiritually.

As with the initial concept of LOLGM coming to fruition while providing security in Iraq, providing security to faith-based organizations in and around Africa has become part of what LOLGM does in its global outreach.  What began in Africa has now spread to Haiti, Argentina and Indonesia.  Providing knowledgeable, trained teams to help further the security of Christian venues is another calling for LOLGM.

Ministries that have been assisted by LOLGM are:

  •     Angel Ministries
  •     Dante Gebel Ministry
  •     Andrew Palau Ministry
  •     Reinhard Bonnke
  •     Ev. Drake Kanaabo