LOLGM was conceived in the sands of Iraq in 2009 when the founder committed to a Ugandan working for him that he would support the Ugandan's dream of planting a church when he returned to Africa after contract completion.  Since that time, many lives have been touched and healed through this ministry.

Explore who we are, where we have been since 2010, and the LOLGM evolving plans for the coming years. Join us in our efforts as we reach out across the globe!

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Light of the Lord Global Missions is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Since LOLGM's inception, the organization has evolved to focus on five key missions:

  • Provide aid and comfort to persecuted, terrorized and threatened Christians and refugees fleeing Daesh/ISIS 
  • Educate, empower and unite God's children 
  • Evangelize, praise and worship God through supporting, promoting and planning events 
  • Disciple, train and equip God's children to go out into the world 
  • Protect, train and support God's missionaries 

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Light of the Lord Global Missions
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Working for LOLGM has been a Godsend. To protect and serve those spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in the most austere and difficult environments is a blessing and an honor. We will continue to help anyone who serves in reaching the ends of the earth to prepare for the coming of our Savior. The people I work with and the work we do, has not only made me a better person, but it has made my walk with Christ so much closer…

"…let us walk in the light of the Lord." - Isaiah 2:5

Light of the Lord Global Missions (LOLGM)

is a non-denominational, biblically based, Christian organization that was established to bring God's message of light and love to the world while being His hands and feet in educating, evangelizing, training, protecting, aiding and comforting His children who are found lost, wandering, hurting or persecuted.